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As a provider, there are two types of reports you can generate: Eligibility Request Reports and History Visit Log Report.

Eligibility Request Report

What is Eligibility Request Report?

An Eligibility Request Report provides you a copy of patient’s basic information: I.E. Name, date of birth, photo of ID and Insurance card.

How to generate this report?

If this patient paying by insurance, you are able to generate an Eligibility Request report before accepting this patient’s appointment

Step 1: In pending page, before accepting patient’s request, you can tap “Verify with Eligibility Request”

Step 2: create a one time password. The report will be generated and email to your selected secure email address.

Step 3: Use the password you created to view and download the report from your secure email address.

History Visit Log Report

What is History Visit Log report?

Teleport provides a history visit report for providers, you can generate it in Previous Appointment tab.

How to generate this report?

Step 1: Go to “Previous” tab, under appointments section. Tap “History Visit Log” button.

Step 2: Select a date range.

Step 3: Select all results or select certain patients under this date range. Tap “generate History Visit Log” button.

Step 4: Select secure email(s) and create a one time password.

Step 5: Go to your secure email and use the password to view and download your History Visit Log Report.