Teleport Crew

The Standard for In-Home Care

Patients who benefit the most from telehealth are those who have difficulty traveling for appointments. Through teleport, these patients can access their doctors with the help of Crew Specialists visiting patients’ residences before or during a video conference session.

Schedule To Your Home

Crew Specialists are assigned through a Mobile Clinical Staff (MCS) Scheduler specially built for teleport

The Specialist You Need

Medical Assistants, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Patient Care Technicians, Medical Technicians, Lab Technicians or IT Technicians accessible through Teleport

Performance Check

We carefully measure the performance of each specialist based on patient feedback, collection quality, and more.

Teleport Crew Services

The teleport MD app intelligently sends your work request to a specialist with matching skills.

Patient Focused

We believe that the patient always comes first, we combine our standard for licensing and regulations for all our teleport Crew Specialists.

Become a Teleport Crew Specialist

Be part of our network of Specialists.

Become A Crew Specialist
Medical Assistants
Digital Assistants/IT

Telemedicine Simplified

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