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In some cases, a new provider will invite you to an appointment via email. This section will explain how to accept the invitation through email. If you already had an appointment with this provider., please see how to accept an appoint in Patient Appointments.

Step 1: Email

You will receive an email from the Provider containing a link. If you have never used Teleport MD, this link will ask you to create a password and download the app. If you already have a Teleport MD account. this link will take you to the app to login and see your pending appointments.

Step 2: Sign Up

If you do not already have a Teleport MD account, clicking the link will prompt you to create a password. After creating a password, please download the app and sign-in.

Step 3: Accept the Pending Appointment

The appointment request will appear in the "Pending" appointments page. To accept the appointment, tap "Accept".