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Tap the "Appointments" tab in the bottom navigation bar.

There will be three sections: Pending, Upcoming, and Previous.

"Pending" Appointments are appointments waiting to be accepted either by you or the patient. Once an appointment is accepted, it will move to the "Upcoming" appointments.

"Upcoming" Appointments are appointments that are accepted by both you and your provider. You and your patient can start video calls from here.

"Previous" Appointments are a history of appointments that were scheduled before today's date.

Creating an Appointment via Email Invitation

Step 1: Select "Make an Appointment".
Step 2: Select "+Invite Patient"

If you want to schedule an appointment with a patient you haven't seen through Teleport, you will need to invite them to an appointment through email.

If you already saw them through Teleport, please see the section "Creating an Appointment with a Previously Seen Patient".

Step 3: Enter the Appointment Details

Enter your patient’s name, phone number, and email. Select an appointment time and then tap "Continue" to review the details. Tap "Schedule Now" to confirm the appointment. Your patient will receive an onboarding email to sign up for a Teleport account.

Step 4: Your appointment request has been sent!

Now it will show up in "Pending page". You will get a notification once your patient confirmed has the appointment.

Creating an Appointment with a Previously Seen Patient

Step 1: Select "Make an Appointment".
Step 2: Select a patient.

You can search patients by name or email to see all your patients on the Teleport platform.

Step 3: Enter the Appointment details.

Select an appointment date and time. Enter other details such as "Reason for Appointment" and "Payment Type". Tap “Continue” to review the appointment details. Tap "Schedule Now" to send your patient an appointment request.

Step 4: Your appointment request has been sent!

Now it will show up in "Pending page". You will get a notification once your patient confirmed has the appointment.

Starting a Quick Call

You can have a quick call with previously seen patients instead of a formal appointment. By tapping quick call button, choose an existing teleport patient and start the video call. Your patient will get the notification and join the call.

Accepting or Declining an Appointment

All appointments requested by the patient will appear in the “Pending” page.

Step 1: Tap on the appointment card to review details.

Step 2a: If everything looks correct, Tap “Accept” and your appointment will move to upcoming page. If this patient is using insurance, you can also generate a report to process the patient’s insurance information. For more details, see Provider Reports.

Step 2b: If you want to decline or reschedule the appointment, tap 'Decline' and provide a reason.

Cancel / Reschedule an Appointment

For pending or upcoming appointments, you can always cancel or reschedule them.

Step 1: Choose an appointment, tap “Cancel Appointment” button, you can choose cancel or reschedule this appointment.

** Please be aware, if you cancel or reschedule, you must provide a reason for why.

Starting an Appointment

Step 1: Tap the appointments button in the navigation.

Step 2: Tap “Upcoming”

Step 3a: In the appointment you want to start, tap “Start Appointment"

Step 3b: You can tap the appointment itself to see the appointment details. Tap “Start Appointment” to also start the appointment.

Step 4: Once started, you will be in a waiting room until the other person joins the appointment.

Step 5: Once both people join, the video call will start for the appointment.

Step 6: To leave the appointment, tap the “End Call” button.

Joining an Appointment

If your patient started the appointment first, the patient will see waiting room info until you join the appointment.