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Creating an Appointment

Step 1: Choose a patient.

This can be yourself or your dependent. Dependents can be set up in the profile section.

Step 2: Search for a provider.

By entering at least 2 fields, you are able to search for providers. Tap "Schedule" next to the provider you want to meet to start setting up an appointment.

Step 3: Schedule the appointment.

Select the date and time you want to see the provider. Enter the reason for your appointment. Select "yes" if you are using insurance. Under payment type, if you are paying with insurance, select "Insurance Pay"; otherwise, select "Out of Pocket".

Step 4: Read cancelation policy, terms and conditions.

Make sure to check all the boxes. Then tap “Schedule Now”.

Step 5: Your Appointment has been created!

Now it will appear in the Pending page. You will get a notification once your provider confirmed your appointment.

Viewing your Appointments

Tap the "Appointments" tab in the bottom navigation bar.

Appointments in Bottom Navigation Bar

There will be three sections: Pending, Upcoming, and Previous.

"Pending" Appointments are appointments waiting to be accepted either by you or your provider. Once an appointment is accepted, it will move to the "Upcoming" appointments.

"Upcoming" Appointments are appointments that are accepted by both you and your provider. You and your provider can start video calls from here.

"Previous" Appointments are a history of appointments that were scheduled before today's date.

Accepting or Declining an Appointment from Your Provider

Under the "Pending" Appointments section:

Step 1: Tap the appointment card to review the details.
Step 2a: If everything looks correct, tap “Accept”.

The appointment will move to the "Upcoming" Appointments.

Step 2b: If you would like to decline the appointment, tap “Decline”.

Canceling and/or Rescheduling an Appointment

You can always cancel or reschedule pending or upcoming appointments.

Step 1: Choose an appointment, tap “Cancel Appointment” button, you can choose cancel or reschedule this appointment.

** Please be aware, some providers do have a cancellation fee. You are notified when setting up the appointment.

Starting an Appointment

Under the "Upcoming" Appointments section:

For the appointment you want to start:

Method 1: Tap the appointment to see the appointment details, then tap "Start Appointment".

Method 2: Tap "Start Appointment" directly on the appointment.

Once the appointment is started, you will be in a waiting room until your provider joins the appointment. Once both you and your provider join, the video call will start.

To leave the appointment, tap the “End Call” button.

Joining an Appointment

If your healthcare provider started the appointment, you will receive a notification.

Under the “Upcoming” appointments section, tap “Start Appointment” of the correct appointment to join the call.